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Elected Official

Mary Ellen Dunlap


100 Quality Hill
P.O. Box CK
Bisbee, AZ 85603
520-432-4850 Fax

Sierra Vista
100 Colonia de Salud, Suite 100
Sierra Vista, AZ  85635
520-458-4148 Fax





Clerk of the Superior Court

Requesting Copies of Court Documents
Introduction/Case History
Cochise County’s records date back to Territorial days when it was carved out of a portion of Pima County on February 1, 1881. Records are available for you to research in person, free of charge at the courthouse in Bisbee. If you want the Clerk’s office to research a record for you it will cost $27.00 for each search request (Arizona law governs our fees). Our records index is available electronically, for certain case types, dating back to 1996. Click here to access the Case History website. If you find your case number or book and page number for a marriage record it will save you $27.00 in research fees.
Types of Documents kept by the Clerk of the Superior Court
Records Fees 



Searching court records index on-line


Searching court records in person at the courthouse


Searches conducted by the Clerk

$27.00 per year/source

Searches conducted by the Clerk when a specific case number (or book & page number) has been provided


Copy of file document - Per page cost


Certification - Clerk certifying true & correct copy on file with the office. This is usually required if you are needing it for legal or official purposes


Payment History


Postage & Handling fees to mail search results


Clerk mailing search results when Self-addressed, stamped envelope is provided


Pursuant to ARS Section 12-304 court fees for searches shall NOT be charged to:
* The state, a county, city , town or political subdivision of a county.
* A commission, board or department of the state, county, city , town or political subdivision of county.
*An official of the state, county, city , town, or political subdivision of a county who is a party to an action in his official capacity.
NOTE: This is applicable only to entities within the State of Arizona
Requesting Documents 

***We must receive payment first before we can process your request.***

To Pay by Credit Card or E-Check:
Click on the PaymentChek logo below:

By Mail: Mail your completed Court Records Request Form (PDF) to:
Clerk of the Superior Court
Attn: Research
Bisbee, Arizona 85603
Include a cashier’s check or money order for the proper amount. We cannot accept credit card payments by mail due to security reasons. Also include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (or an additional $7.00 for postage and handling costs).
By FAX: When requesting by FAX complete the Court Records Request Form (PDF). This method can only be used if: You are requesting documents at no charge for official reasons as allowed in ARS Section 12-304 OR you plan to pick up and pay for the documents in person at our Bisbee or Sierra Vista offices.
In Person: The main office in Bisbee is the records repository. We are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, except for government holidays. Many of our older records are stored in an upstairs Archives Section. There may be a wait of up to an hour when asked to retrieve these records so please be prepared for this.
By Phone: The Clerk’s office does not handle records research requests by telephone. We ask that records requests be given to this office by written communication as we operate on a first come, first served basis. It is also important to know with specificity what you are searching for so that we reduce errors in processing.
Turn Around Time: Please allow 7 business days for the documents to be processed and mailed to you. There is an Express Delivery Mail option available through PaymentChek, above. After this time period has passed call 520.432.8570 or Email Research@cochise.az.gov and we will be happy to track your request
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