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Cochise County Juvenile Court

What is Probation?

"Probation" is a supervision program created by law, which is ordered by the court in cases involving a youth who has been found responsible of having committed a delinquent act. Probation is a legal status in which more restrictive alternatives are imposed and the youth’s activities are restricted in lieu of commitment to the custody of the Department of Juvenile Corrections.

When a youth is placed on probation, he or she must complete court-ordered sanctions (consequences) and services. In addition to the general terms and conditions of probation, the youth will need to comply with all special conditions deemed appropriate by the court and with mandatory sanctions (e.g., penalties) that relate to the offense. For example, the youth may be ordered to work community service (“community restitution”) hours and/or may be ordered to pay money to the victim, if the victim was harmed or suffered losses as a result of the youth’s actions (crime). The youth may also be ordered to submit to an evaluation and/or attend counseling.

For more information regarding the powers and duties of probation officers and other probation and court related Code of Judicial Administration, please see Arizona Revised Statutes §§12-253 and 12-254. For additional information involving probation, visit the Arizona Code of Judicial Administration 6-105.

When a youth is placed on probation, they are assigned a Juvenile Probation Officer (JPO), who monitors compliance with their terms and conditions of probation. The court order also specifies that the child’s parent/guardian "shall report violations of this order by the child to the JPO and to the court". Therefore, the Juvenile Probation Officer and the parent/guardian will work together to enforce the court order.

Violation of Probation

If the youth violates the conditions of probation or fails to complete the sanctions imposed by the court, a Petition to revoke Probation will be filed. If the court finds the youth violated probation, it may revoke probation and impose consequences (disposition) such as placement in residential treatment, a change in the youth’s current terms and conditions and/or placement in the Department of Juvenile Corrections.

Commitment and Parole

Upon release from the Department of Juvenile Corrections, a youth may be supervised on parole. This type of supervision requires the youth to adhere to specific conditions, similar to those of probation.

Conditional release supervision is administrative in that the court does not get involved if parole violations occur. These violations are handled through an administrative hearing facilitated by the Department of Juvenile Corrections staff.

Violations of parole are handled in the same manner as violations of probation. Both types of violations can result in re-commitment to a higher restrictiveness residential facility or Department of Juvenile Corrections.

If you would like to reach the parole officer, please contact:

Howard Wykes
Parole Officer