Post-Decree Temporary Orders

Guidelines (With Notice to Other Party)

You may use the forms on this page if the following factors apply to your situation:

  • You have an order for legal decision-making (legal custody), and/or parenting time, visitation (3rd party), signed by a Cochise County Superior Court Judge, AND
  • You already filed a "regular" request for modification of legal decision-making, and/or parenting time, or visitation, OR you will be filing a "regular" request for modification at the same time as this Motion for Temporary Orders, AND
  • You will give the other party proper notice that you filed this Motion for Temporary Orders.

PLEASE NOTE: If the Order you want to change was not signed by a Cochise County Superior Court Judge, there are additional requirements and steps needed before you can ask this Court to change your current Order.


Guidelines (Without Notice to Other Party)

  • You have already filed, or at the same time you file these papers you will be filing, a "regular" request for modification of Legal Decision Making (Custody) and/or parenting time, and,
  • Someone is about to cause serious, immediate bodily harm to another person, or the health, safety, and welfare of a person is otherwise in serious and immediate jeopardy, and,
  • You can give very specific facts about:
    • What the emergency is,
    • Why the judge should hear your case before everyone else who has been waiting to see a judge,
    • Why the situation is so serious that the Court should take someone's child(ren) away without providing:
      • Advance notice explaining why, or
      • Opportunity for the person to defend his or her rights to the child(ren)