Cochise Conservation & Recharge Network

Cochise County is a key partner in the Cochise Conservation and Recharge Network (CCRN) along with the Cities of Sierra Vista and Bisbee, The Nature Conservancy, Fort Huachuca, Bureau of Land Management and the Hereford Natural Resource Conservation District. CCRN is an innovative series of projects capable of increasing flows in the upper San Pedro River, conserving groundwater and improving the health of riparian habitat. The regional network of projects encompasses 6,344 acres of land along approximately 25 miles of the river where replenishment can most benefit the flows of the river.

Completed CCRN Projects

Future Stormwater & Effluent Recharge Projects

  • The Bella Vista Coyote Wash Stormwater Management Project, currently under design, is expected to be shovel-ready for construction in Spring 2024. A public meeting regarding the preferred design will be held in Sierra Vista. 
  • The Riverstone site, near Hereford, has been identified as a good location for recharge using a portion of Sierra Vista's reclaimed water from its Environmental Operations Park.
  • Three Canyons is a retired alfalfa agriculture operation on the west side of Palominas Road where the County is monitoring groundwater levels and implementing a regenerative grazing operation for enhancing ground cover and stormwater recharge.
  • The Bisbee Effluent Recharge Project is planning  on the use of reclaimed water to enhance flows in the San Pedro River neat the Mexican border up to Palominas.


CCRN projects have led to more than 6,000 acre-feet per year of groundwater benefits, through retired historic pumping, precluded future pumping, and recharging stormwater and reclaimed water. Rigorous monitoring of all the facilities using a variety of technology and methods is an important part of understanding the impact of the CCRN's recharge efforts. This also includes the measurement of baseline conditions in future project areas that have not yet been constructed. The results of monitoring are reported on an annual basis.

CCRN Annual Reports

The County continues to play an important role in the planning, design, construction, and monitoring of all projects in the network.

Palominas Water Recharge Project

Horseshoe Draw Flood, Erosion Control & Recharge Project