Flood Control District

Proposed Cochise County Floodplain Regulations

Staff requests amendments to the “Cochise County Floodplain Regulations” (initially adopted in 1984 and revised several times since then). The proposed amendments encompass several changes to comply with Arizona Department of Water Resources Model Ordinance, including updated definitions, a requirement that all new habitable structures be elevated one foot above grade, and the addition of Section 5.9 Standards for Agriculture Structures and Agriculture Accessory Structures. These regulations apply to the unincorporated areas of the County and the Cities of Benson, Bisbee, Huachuca City, and Tombstone. All other cities in the County have opted to manage their own floodplain requirements.

Interested parties are encouraged to review the entire draft. 



To provide Cochise County citizens with education on flood hazards, building requirements, and information about the National Flood Insurance Program in order to reduce flood damage and maintain the environmental benefits provided by floodplains.

Floodplain Interactive Maps

If a building or residence is determined to be located in a Floodplain then Floodplain use permits are required. If you are considering developing in a floodplain then the Developing Your Floodplain Brochure (PDF) may be helpful.

Floodplains provide important environmental services for people and wildlife. This Riparian Habitat Brochure (PDF) explains how.

Where to Get More Information

If you have concerns about anything related to seasonal flooding, flood insurance or matters concerning home construction, please look for additional information in the FAQs section. You may find answers to your questions here, and you can refer back to specific items as necessary.