Rainfall Monitoring in Cochise County (ALERT)

Automated Local Evaluation in Real-Time System

The Automated Local Evaluation in Real-Time system, or ALERT is used by the County for predicting emergency situations by collecting real-time data on rainfall. The system consists of a network of remote sensors (rain gauges), and a data concentrator and transmitter. The sensors transmit real-time rainfall data via radio frequency to the Mule Mountain tower facility where it is rebroadcast to the existing ALERT system, comprised of gauges plus data sources (rain gauges and stream gauges) from the USGS, ADWR, and Pima County. Real-time precipitation data for the County can be found on the ALERT website.

In addition to the network of real-time precipitation data collectors, the University of Arizona and county residents participate in a more informal, citizen-science-based network of documenting rainfall through rainlog.org. Cochise County residents can voluntarily participate in this effort to document their own rainfall and see how it compares to other areas around the County.