Recreational Health


The Environmental Health Division (EHD) provides regulatory oversight for the proper disinfection and safety of public and semi-public pools and spas. Public pools can be accessed by any member of the public and are normally provided by a local government entity, such as a local city. A semi-public pool is normally found at motels, hotels, apartment complexes, RV parks, etc. Public pools are inspected monthly during the season they are open. Semi-public pools are inspected twice during their open season. The rules for pools and spas are found in Arizona Administrative Code (AAC) Title 9, Article 8.

Cochise County EH Permit Application - short form

Virginia Baker Law

The new Virginia Baker law is to protect people from drowning as a result of suction at the pool drains. These pools must be retrofitted to prevent these accidents from occurring.

The EHD does not enforce this law. It is a Federal Consumer Protection law enforced by the federal government. The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) may need a permit for any changes to the piping designs.