1. February 5, 2013
  2. January 28, 2013
  3. January 18, 2013

I feel blessed, humbled and honored to have been elected Sheriff of Cochise County. I began my term as the Sheriff on January 1, 2013 and it has been a busy and productive month for all.

We have made several promotions and everyone is already working hard at continuing to make the Sheriff's Office the best it can be in service to our community.

We are conducting a process for new hires. It is anticipated that over 100 people will apply for deputy sheriff positions within the department. It is critical that we hire the most qualified personnel.

Master Deputy Hadfield has been assigned as a Community Resources Deputy and her job is to make contact throughout the community. MD Hadfield is and will continue making contact with all schools in the county to assess their security and training needs and to enlighten them on the services we can provide from a public safety standpoint. MD Hadfield is also responsible for coordinating other events throughout the community such as with civic organizations, clubs, and government agencies. If you have questions of MD Hadfield reference community activities, she can be reached at 520-803-3286, and additional information is available on the Sheriff's Office website under the Community Services tab.

The command staff and I have been making visits throughout the county. We have valuable contacts with the majority of our federal partners as well as some of the local law enforcement agencies, rural communities, and civic groups.

Programs planned in the newer future include a Border Interdiction Team as well as a Ranch Patrol. These units will serve to liaison with our federal and community partners regarding border issues, and provide a steady means of communication between the Sheriff's Office and the ranching community. These teams will also enforce laws with an emphasis along the border and address other problem areas. Staffing for these specialized assignments will be done after backfilling our vacant positions through the hiring process.

In the month of January, the Sheriff's Office responded to almost 1500 calls for service or an estimated 50 calls per day everyday throughout Cochise County.

The Sex Offender Unit was also out throughout the month and attempted to make, or made contact with 21 registered sex offenders. Out of those 21 we identified one absconder (someone who was in violation of registration requirements), eight level 3 (high risk), eight level 2 (medium risk), and three level 1 (low risk) offenders.

Our Animal Control Division is staffed with five Animal Control Officers to cover all of the county areas and they have kept busy responding to 244 animal calls.

Our continued goal is to perform our duties in the most efficient manner possible and to maintain the oath we took to protect and serve all of the citizens in Cochise County. I look forward to fulfilling our mission and to being responsive to your needs as your Sheriff.