After serving in Cochise County since 1984, it is a true honor and blessing to have been elected as your 26th Sheriff. The legacy of the Cochise County Sheriff's Office is rich in history and serves as a legacy agency for all that have previously and currently serve our mission. I am proud to call Cochise County my home and to have the distinct privilege to serve for some of the best people that have too called Cochise County their home.

As your Sheriff, I have established an organizational culture based on trust, transparency and teamwork supported by professionalism and a high standard of quality of service. Our three primary objectives are Organizational Development (embracing our employees), Border Security and Community Outreach in hopes of building partnerships and relationships to sustain our mission for all the citizens and guests of Cochise County.

Our valued partnerships with our fellow law enforcement agencies and citizens are vital to our mission and quality of life that we all cherish and embrace. We will continue to work toward the betterment of organization to ensure that we are doing business in a way that is most effective and efficient.

I do not take my constitutionally elected office for granted. I serve for and with the people of Cochise County in a manner that represents their best interests to guarantee their freedoms and liberties. As a Sheriff for all the people, I am vigilant in my duties and responsibilities to do what is right, not what is always popular.

I have an open door policy for all that work with me and for those I serve. Please take some time to visit your Sheriff's Office as the men and women of Sheriff's Office are the backbone to our successes. I encourage each one of you to get to know these great folks as their dedicated efforts are why your Sheriff's Office is leading the way.

Thank You for Your Support,

Mark J. Dannels