As I personally reflect on the history of the Cochise County Sheriff's Office, one element of this organization that remains the backbone to our legacy and reputation continues to be our employees. Organizations that continue to prosper and navigate forward rely on their dedicated and flexible staff to achieve a "distinguished community reputation", not an easy accomplishment with today's challenges.

Our refreshed motto, "Leading the Way Since 1881" has been embraced and sustained by all of you. I rely on feedback from you and our customers. The abundance of feedback has and continues to be productive and positive. My theory of "Success breeds Success" is critical to our achievements.

One vital aspect of policing that is no longer discretionary is "Community". Our profession has endured a period of the deadliest attacks in our lifetime and in history over the last 5 years. Unwarranted and senseless, it became a reality downslide for agencies throughout this country. I am a believer that organizations fail or succeed from the top down. As your sheriff and our embraced community culture, we didn't skip a beat during this time. In fact, we continued to sustain community growth and trust. Community trust is the main ingredient for our victim's connectivity, problem-solving and fair and impartial resolution within our criminal justice system.

2019 highlights my 35th year in law enforcement. As I look back over my career, I have been so blessed with the opportunities to work for and with some of the most talented and gifted individuals around. My personal energy is refueled each day when someone shares a positive story or experience based on your actions. A highlight of our recruitment efforts is the ability to hire and retain local individuals who want to make the Cochise County Sheriff's Office their home. This is called internal recruitment within our communities. I have been steadfast in the recognition and reward of our team members. Many have retired over the last 6 years earning that Community Role Model label and a lifetime membership to our alumni family. I extend my appreciation to these community heroes.

I would like to add two more Rs to our words that promote our Role Model standards, Respect and Relationships. Respect is a word that is sometimes forgotten. The respect of others is critical to how we promote and build relationships. As I have shared, our positions are only temporary, while our relationships last a lifetime. To add, let's not forget the importance of sharing pleasantries with each other.

Leading others is no easy task but requires a passion to practice what is right and lead with people in mind. A simple definition of a leader is the gift and ability to lead others, and if others don't follow, one cannot lead. We must understand that we lead organizational missions, not individual personalities.

I would encourage you all to continue to do your part in the betterment of your agency and the communities in which we work and live. Finally, your safety and welfare continue to be my main priorities as your sheriff. I am here to serve you and all those that live and visit our great county. I wake up each day, humbled and honored to serve as your sheriff. I will never take my oath of office or those that provide me their trust and authority for granted. Thank You!

Sheriff Mark J. Dannels