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Voter Registration Requirements

For Implementation of the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA)

If this is your first time registering to vote in Arizona or you have moved from another county in Arizona, your voter registration form must also include proof of citizenship or the form will not be processed.

List of acceptable documents to establish your citizenship:

  • Arizona Driver's License number or non-operating identification license number issued after October 1, 1996 (number only; do not send in the card)
  • A legible photocopy of a driver's license or non-operating identification license issued by another state that identifies United States Citizenship on the license
  • A legible photocopy of a birth certificate that verifies United States Citizenship
  • A legible photocopy of your United States passport containing your name and passport number
  • A legible photocopy of United States naturalization documents or the number of the certification of naturalization. If only the number is provided, it will need to be verified before the voter registration can be processed
  • A Bureau of Indian Affair's card number, Tribal Treaty Card Number, or Tribal Enrollment Number (number only; do not send in the card)

Do not send originals; only send legible photocopies as outlined above.

As Per ARS 16-161

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Verifying Your Status

To verify your voter status please visit  Arizona Voter Information Portal  or contact the Recorder's Office at 520-432-8358. 

Voter Registration File

An SFTP login is required to access the Voter Registration File. If you need assistance, please call the Recorder's Office at 520-432-8350.

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