Enforce Court Order for Support

To Make Someone Obey (Enforce) a Court Order for Support

You may use the forms on this page if the following factors apply to your situation:

  • You have a Court Order from Cochise County for child support, spousal maintenance, medical insurance coverage, or for reimbursement of medical, dental or vision care expenses not covered by insurance, and
  • The other party is behind in child support, spousal maintenance, and/or medical expense reimbursement payments at least one full month, or
  • The other party is not providing medical insurance coverage, or
  • You are the person making the payments and you need to give the court proof of payments you have made directly to the other party.

Do not use the forms and instructions in this packet if the following factors apply to your situation:

  • Your Order is from a court outside this county (unless a lawyer has advised you to).
  • You want to change your existing Order.