Board of Adjustment


District 1

  • Clint Briseno
  • Vacant
  • Kale Kiyabu

District 2

  • Estelle Lawson
  • Teresa Murphy
  • Albert Young

District 3

  • Helen Barnard
  • Paul Brick
  • Shawn Wales


State law mandates the establishment of one or more Board of Adjustments in every City and County in Arizona. In Cochise County, there are three Boards of Adjustment, corresponding to the number and boundaries of our supervisory districts. Each elected member of the Board of Supervisors appoints a three members to serve their district. Each Board member serves a four-year term and must reside in the district that they represent.

It is the role of the Cochise County Boards of Adjustment to:

  • Allow a variance from the terms of the ordinance when owing to peculiar conditions, a strict interpretation would cause unnecessary hardship, if in granting such Variance the general intent and purpose of the zoning ordinance will be preserved.
  • Interpret the zoning ordinance when the meaning of any word, phrase, or section is in doubt, when there is a dispute between the appellant and enforcing officers, or when the location of a district boundary is in doubt. The Board may reverse, affirm, or modify a decision of the zoning administrator/planning director.

Zoning Law

Zoning law should apply uniformly to everyone. However, the application of general regulations to all building and land use situations may not fit because of unique site conditions or other special circumstances. For example, the Zoning Regulations may require a minimum setback of forty feet from the property line for a new house. If a particular site has an active irrigation ditch crossing the middle of the parcel, which would only allow for a 30-foot setback from the property line. In such a case, the property owner may choose to seek a variance from the Board of Adjustment.