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Guidelines for Searching Board of Supervisors (BOS) Records

At the top of the screen, select BOS Documents to search for records by manual index.  Select BOS Documents -Full Text to search on text contained within a specific record.

When searching BOS Documents, you may fill out as many fields as possible. Use asterisks before and after your search word to expand search results. For example, searching with a File Name of *23* will return every record that has 23 entered in the File Name field. Changing the search to *23* and selecting “Resolutions” as the BOS- Type of Document will narrow the results to only Resolutions with 23 in the file name.

After running a search, scroll to the right to see more information about the record. Click on a Column Header to sort the results in order by that column. Click on a file to open the record.

When Searching BOS Documents - Full Text, you are searching the text that is within a document. Being more specific with your search word or phrase will help to narrow the search results. When searching on a phrase, use quotes at the beginning and end, so that it is recognized as a phrase.

After running a search, view the “Summary” field to see how the word or phrase you searched was used in the document. Click on a file to open the record.


Certain fields allow the use of wildcard operators to broaden your results.

  • '*' wildcard operator represents one or more characters.
  • '?' wildcard operator represents a single character.
  • Depending upon your requirements, you may use the above wildcard operators before and/or after your search term.


Your browser may affect the ability to view results from this search application. For best performance, please use one of the following:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 or later
  • Microsoft Edge 25 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox 17esr or later
  • Google Chrome 52 or later
  • Apple Safari 6.0.5 or later