Mobile Home, Manufactured Home and RV Parks

Purpose and Restrictions

All Mobile Home, Manufactured Home, and Recreational Vehicle Parks must comply with the following standards

Development Standards:

  • Max density: Specified by the zoning district in which the park is located
  • Parking: 1 space per dwelling unit. or lot space.
  • Minimum individual space width: none
  • Setbacks: The minimum setback for all units and other structures from the space boundary shall be seven and one-half feet. The minimum setback from all streets and from the perimeter of the Park shall be 10 feet.
  • Distance between structures: a minimum distance between principal structures shall be 15 feet. Nothing herein shall prevent permanent attachment of principal structures.
  • Maximum height: Principal structure: 30 feet above grade, accessory structure: 20 feet above grade, wall or fence: eight feet above grade.
  • Site coverage: 55 percent for each residential space and for the entire Park, exclusive of rights-of-way and recreational areas. The maximum site coverage for recreational areas shall be 75 percent..
  • Screening: A six-foot high solid wall, fence, or existing vegetative equivalent, or any combination thereof, shall be provided along all Park boundaries.
  • Interior streets: two-way interior drives must be at least 24 feet in width. One-way drives must be at least 12 feet in width. Sidewalks or pedestrian paths shall be placed on at least one side of all internal drives or streets for Parks within a Category B Growth Area and on both sides for Parks situated within a Category A Growth Area.
  • Exterior street access: No space within a Park shall have direct vehicular access to a street bordering the Park.
  • Skirting shall be required for each mobile/manufactured home in a Park.
  • A landscape plan must be provided for parks with growth categories A and B.
  • Recreation: Not less than 10 percent of the gross area of any Park shall be devoted to common recreational areas and facilities, such as playgrounds, swimming pools, community buildings, or common open spaces.
  • Accessory structures and uses: Accessory structures and uses intended primarily to serve the needs of persons within the Park, such as laundry facilities, are permitted, but may not five percent of the gross area of the Park. In addition, all outdoor Park maintenance areas shall be enclosed by a six-foot high solid screen 

How to Apply

The property owner or authorized agent must fill out and submit a Mobile Home, Manufactured Home, or RV Park application along with a site plan demonstrating compliance with all development standards listed on this page. 

Mobile Home, Manufactured Home, or RV Park Application (PDF)