Seal/Expunge Cochise County Marijuana Conviction

How to Seal/Expunge a Marijuana Record

Arizona Voters recently passed Proposition 207, legalizing marijuana for personal use in Arizona. Prop 207 allows people to ask the court to expunge or seal their marijuana-related criminal records.

To apply for marijuana expungement, please complete fillable form “Petition to Expunge Marijuana-Related Offense Records" (PDF) pursuant to ARS § 36-2862.

This form needs to be filled out and then saved to your device. Next to Petition to Expunge Records: you will find a "dropdown" menu. Select "Superior Court" for felony cases (usually case number begins in CR) or "Justice Court" option for misdemeanor cases (usually case number begins in CM). You can save this form with your information by clicking in the upper right-hand corner on the downward-facing arrow after filling it out. Then, you will select "With your changes," and the document will download with your information. 

After filling out your petition and saving the form with your information, please email the saved filled out form to the County Attorney's Office. Our office will review your petition request and file your petition and our response. Please attach any additional documentation you would like to file with your petition to the court in the same email you sent your petition. 

For any questions, please call 520-432-8700. 

If you have a conviction from another county in Arizona visit the Az Courts website