Community Assessment for Public Health Emergency Response (CASPER)

Cochise Health & Social Services is conducting a   Community Assessment for Public Health Emergency Response (CASPER) to assess the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Cochise households and assessing the health of the population and identifying factors that can improve public health. The goals of the online CASPER are to rapidly obtain information about the needs of a community, produce population-based estimates for decision-makers, and assess new or changing needs.

A CASPER helps local public health partners understand more about community health needs during the COVID-19 pandemic in Cochise County. Cochise Health & Social Services field teams will distribute door hangers to households in selected neighborhoods with information how individuals can access the online CASPER survey. Participation is completely voluntary. Questions in the survey will cover topics such as access to health insurance, impacts of the pandemic on individual households, and current health status of members of the household. The survey will be offered in English and Spanish. Households can use a mobile phone, desktop, laptop, or tablet to access the survey. Additionally, individuals can take the survey over the phone using a mobile phone or landline.


The Cochise County CASPER will be conducted in early May 2022.


The assessment will take place in 29 randomly selected neighborhoods all across Cochise County.

Neighborhood picture