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Cochise County is continuously faced with choices concerning growth, economic development, infrastructure, the environment, public facilities, and service delivery. The Cochise County Comprehensive Plan ("Plan") provides a vision and a policy framework to guide orderly growth and development. The Plan includes land use categories and designations for all parcels within Cochise County. There are four general land use categories, ranging from most intense category A to least intense category D. There are seven land use designations, which identify the character of the underlying land. The zoning of a parcel must be consistent with its underlying land use. 

Zoning changes may only be considered for those Zoning Districts, listed below, as being permitted in the applicable plan designation unless otherwise provided for pursuant to an adopted community plan, area plan, neighborhood plan, master development plan, or unless an appropriate plan amendment is submitted in conjunction with the proposed Zoning change.

PLAN DESIGNATION                                     PERMITTED ZONING DISTRICTS

Neighborhood Conservation (NC)

R-36, R-18, R-9, NB, SM-36, SM-18, SM-9, SR-43, SR-22, SR-12, SR-8,MR-1, MR-2

Enterprise (ENT)NB, GB, LI, HI
Developing (DEV)

RU-2, R-36, R-18, R-9, SM-87 (2-acres), SM-36, SM-18, SM-9, SR-87 (2-acres), SR-43, SR-22, SR-12, SR-8, MR-1, MR-2, NB, GB, LI, HI

Neighborhood Rehabilitation (NR)Same as NC
Enterprise Redevelopment (ER)Same as ENT
Rural Residential (RR)RU-36, RU-18, RU-10, RU-4, RU-2, SM-36 Acres, SM-18 Acres, SM-10 Acres, SM-174 (4-acres), SM-87 (2-acres), SR-36 Acres, SR-18 Acres, SR-10 Acres, SR-174 (4-acres), SR-87 (2-acres)
Rural (R)

RU-36, RU-18, RU-10, RU-4, RU-2, SM-36 Acres, SM-18 Acres, SM-10 Acres, SM-174 (4-acres), SM-87 (2-acres), SR-36 Acres, SR-18 Acres, SR-10 Acres, SR-174 (4-acres), SR-87 (2-acres), HI

Justifying a Comprehensive Plan Amendment

The Cochise County Comprehensive Plan serves as the fundamental guiding document for the long-term development and growth of Cochise County. It is updated every ten years. Occasionally, adjustments may be necessary to reflect changing community priorities, a shift in the economy, or evolving demographics. These adjustments, or amendments, may be resident- or County-initiated and shall follow the amendment procedure outlined in the Comprehensive Plan. Amending the Comprehensive Plan is a very serious action and is not taken lightly by the Planning and Zoning Commission or the Board of Supervisors; the criteria for evaluating the amendment and the rationale for such must be very strong.

A proposal to change a Land Use Designation should be justified by one or more of the following:

  • The pattern of growth in the area no longer reflects the type of growth expected in the current designation.
  • Substantial changes in an area, for example, a designated neighborhood conservation area, may make the continuation of the conforming development within the plan designation undesirable. Such changes may include the deterioration of surrounding development, a change in character in the area due to capital improvements, non-conforming development by exempt entities, or approval of special uses or rezonings.
  • The extensions of urban standard facilities and services (including major road improvements and extension of waste disposal systems and water service) into the area have changed the optimum type of development appropriate for the area.
  • There is substantial support from property owners for the proposed change.
  • ‘Developing’ designations should be changed to another appropriate designation as a distinguishable pattern of development has occurred.
  • New designations should be of a size, type, or design to provide a harmonious transition between existing designations.


  • Request a Pre-Application Meeting with planning staff. Planning staff will provide address labels and a sample letter for you to personalize following the pre-application meeting.
  • Send out notifications by mail. Letters should be sent out approximately two weeks prior to a comprehensive plan map amendment application submittal.
  • Complete a Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment Application (PDF)
  • Submit your application online through our permitting portal, under "Apply for a P&Z project." Deadlines for Planning and Zoning Commission Meetings are the last Friday of every month.
  • Once the application is accepted you will be contacted by planning staff. If the application is complete, it will be placed under review, and you will be able to submit the processing fee.
  • A case planner will prepare a staff memo, presentation, and fulfill all remaining citizen review and public notification requirements.
  • The Planning and Zoning Commission will consider the request during a public hearing and offer a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors.
  • The Board of Supervisors will consider the request during a second public hearing. The decision of the Board is final. If approved, the new Comprehensive Plan designation and/or classification will be effective 30-days following the Board of Supervisors hearing. Please note that if the proposed amendment would result in an increase in the potential densities or intensities of uses for an area of two thousand (2,000) acres or more, the application can only be accepted by the Development Services Department for consideration from January 1 to the last business day in August of any year. All major amendments must be considered at a single public hearing by the Board of Supervisors in December.
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