Why do I need a survey for a minor land division permit?

Obtaining a property survey is a crucial step in the process of responsible land development. Surveys protect landowners by providing them important information about the parcel itself as well as physical vehicular ingress and ingress to the site. It may also specify the adequacy of access for a particular purpose, such as emergency vehicles, and whether it can be traversed by a two-wheel-drive vehicle.

Surveys are commonly used to determine all boundaries and features on a site, to determine easements and encroachments, as well as to satisfy local building codes and regulations. The location of underground features may limit or preclude where you place future structures or even vegetation on the site. At some point in the development process, you will likely need a survey. It seems most equitable for us to require the applicant proposing the split to provide this information. Moreover, surveys are legal documents that will hold up in court proceedings.

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