How can I get a Speed Limit sign posted on my road?

If you live on an improved (chip sealed) road that is within the County maintenance system you can request a speed limit sign. Before a regulatory sign can be installed an engineer must perform a speed/traffic study. The process does require some time for research, and new speed limit signs must be approved by the Cochise County Board of Supervisors. Signs are only posted where needed, and speed limit signs are not installed on dirt roads.

One of the most common complaints from residents concerns excessive vehicle speeds, however, the Highway and Floodplain Department is not an enforcement agency. Contact the Cochise County Sheriff's Office at 520-432-9500 to report traffic offenses. It is the motorist's responsibility to know and obey the traffic laws. Arizona law provides that motorists are required to drive at safe and prudent speeds in areas that are not signed.

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1. How can I get a Speed Limit sign posted on my road?
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