My child was detained where will they go?

Youth who are detained in Cochise County are transported to Santa Cruz or Pinal County Juvenile Detention Facilities; the probation officer managing the case will advise you where your child will be going. In January of 2021 the Cochise County Juvenile Detention Center transition to the Detention Screening and Transport Facility. This is a partnership with Santa Cruz and Pinal Counties where youth will reside during their time of detainment. Our youth who require detainment remain our youth. Our community partners remain in place. Probation will continue to work with the youth and family through the court process. Youth are present for their court hearings via Zoom from Santa Cruz or Pinal. Once ordered released the Cochise Detention Screening and Transport team will bring the youth back to Cochise County for out-processing.

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2. My child was detained where will they go?
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