How many miles of roads does Cochise County maintain?

Presently Cochise County maintains 1,441 miles of roads, of which 680 miles are paved and 761 miles are dirt. The paved roads consist of 103 miles of major collectors, 158 miles of minor collectors and 345 miles of local roads and streets. Most of the traffic is carried on the collectors, however, only 77 miles of the collectors are properly surfaced with asphalt concrete. The remaining 154 miles of collectors are dirt roads surfaced with a light coat of petroleum and rock chips commonly called a "chip seal." The un-surfaced dirt roads consist of 619 miles of low volume collectors and local roads and 255 miles of "Primitive Roads", as they are defined in Question 3. There are 2,470 additional miles of sub-standard dirt roads used by the public in the County that are not maintained by the County. Some of these roads are in public rights-of-way and others in private easements.

A quirk of the Arizona State Land Development law allows the construction of roads that do not meet County roadway standards to provide access to land. These sub-standard roads are being created on a continual basis. These roads are not eligible for publicly funded maintenance until they are constructed to County roadway standards, referenced in Question 2.

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10. How many miles of roads does Cochise County maintain?
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