Am I allowed to have livestock (goats, horses, pigs...) on my property?

Livestock, for private use, is allowed in all parcels in all zoning districts in unincorporated Cochise County that are at least 36,000 square feet (0.82 acres) in size. By definition, "livestock" in County County includes cattle, horses, sheep, llamas, alpacas, goats, mules, swine, asses, and ratites, such as ostriches and emus. It does not include chickens, turkeys or quail.  All livestock must be confined to prevent roaming. All stables, barns, shade structures, corrals, manure piles, and/or areas where animals congregate must be at least 50 feet from all property lines. County planning does not regulate the number of livestock allowed on a property. 

If you own property within a homeowner's association or commercial condominium association, you may be bound by more restrictive CC&Rs that do not permit livestock. County Planning does not enforce CC&R restrictions. It is your responsibility to understand any CC&Rs that may apply to your property. 

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