How do I get potable water to my property?
  • Check to see whether your property is served by a community water system on the County’s interactive web map INFO Map
  • Check to see if there is already a well onsite. The Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) regulates and permits all groundwater wells in Arizona. ADWR maintains a list of registered wells. Search for registered wells
  • Consider drilling a well, if you are not served by a water system and a well currently does not exist. The Development Services Department, in conjunction with the ADWR, approves well sites for parcels that are five acres or less. Well sites are for new wells, wells to be deepened or repaired. Learn more about Cochise County Wells Program Be advised, prior to drilling a new well, or deepening or modifying an existing well, a Notice of Intent to Drill must be filed with ADWR. This application is available online through the ADWR website.  A licensed well drilling contractor must perform the work. 
  • Consider a haul water/cistern system for low, or intermittent, water use.

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24. How do I get potable water to my property?