What are the minimum requirements for the owner-builder option?
  • Minimum parcel size of 4 acres
  • The site area minimum of the zoning must also be at least 4 acres.  (For example, RU-4 zoning has a minimum parcel size area of 4 acres and is an eligible zoning designation. On the hand, an RU-2 parcel, even if it exceeds 4 acres in size, is ineligible because the minimum parcel size for this designation is less than 4 acres).

Septic permits are still required (septic permits expire after 2 years). Right-of-way permit and floodplain use permit may be required. The use of this permitting option is limited to once in every five years on all properties within the unincorporated area of Cochise County owned by that individual owner-builder. This limitation does not apply to accessory structures or additions on the same property.

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