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Victim Services Evaluation Survey

  1. Cochise County Attorney’s Office Victim Witness Program is committed to providing excellent services to victims of crime. Because you were recently the victim of a crime, we would like to know how your experience was with Victim Services. Please take a few minutes to rate the following statements by marking the space that most closely matches your feelings. Your responses will help us serve you and other crime victims more effectively in the future.
  2. Were you contacted at least once by Victim Services after the initial contact?*

    (Either by phone, in person, or by mail)

  3. Did you receive an explanation of your rights regarding the criminal justice system?*

    (Either by phone, in person, or by mail)

  4. I received notification of court proceedings throughout the court process.*
  5. Did you request restitution or victim compensation assistance?*
  6. Did you receive restitution or victim compensation assistance?*
  7. Please evaluate your experience as appropriate:
  8. I have an increased knowledge of victim services available.*
  9. I have the information needed to make informed decisions about contacting other support services.*
  10. The information and assistance provided had a positive impact on my participation in the criminal justice system.*
  11. The assistance provided by Victim Services helped reduce my anxiety about participating in the criminal justice system.*
  12. Overall, I am satisfied with the assistance I received from Victim Services.*
  13. Services received helped exercise my victim’s rights during the criminal justice process.*
  14. Advocacy services provided were helpful.*
  15. Increased knowledge and understanding of the criminal justice system*
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