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Employee IT Access/Equipment Request Form

  1. Note:

    Complete information for the user you are requesting access for. If you need help with technical details on this form, please contact Gabriel Valenzuela at (520)432-8326.

    Please submit one week prior to hire date.

  2. Accounts
  3. List printers user will need access to,

  4. Additional Printer Options
  5. Office Phone*
  6. If you need a new extension please state "new".

  7. Cellphone*

    Department is responsible for cost.
    Call (520)432-8308 for additional info.

  8. Computer Hardware Needed*
  9. Specialty Forms/Access Request

    Please complete the following forms if requesting access for the applications listed. (forms will open in a new window so that you can complete this submission)

    For building door access requests please complete this form

    For New World access please complete this form

    For TROCS access please complete this form

    For ADP Manager or Practitioner access please complete this form

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