The Clerk of the Superior Court is the official record keeper and financial officer for the Superior Court. The duties of the Clerk are prescribed by the Arizona Revised Statutes and include maintaining files for all civil, domestic, criminal, juvenile, and probate; keeping minutes of court proceedings; issuing writs and warrants; collecting fees and fines; issuing marriage licenses; and accepting passport applications. In Cochise County, the Clerk is also the Probate Registrar and the Jury Commissioner.

Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays. Effective April 12, 2021, payments are accepted until 5p.m. at the Bisbee Courthouse customer service counter.



♦ Please Note, we are no longer accepting emailed pleadings, per LOCAL Administrative Order 2020-17.

Jury-Duty-Info_0.JPG Jury Duty Information

If you are qualified to serve as trial juror, you will be summoned with not less than ten (10) days notice of the date, time, and place to report; please check your summons for the DIVISION and DATE you were called to appear. DO NOT REPORT UNTIL SUMMONED. You are on call for a six-month period OR until you served on a trial during this period. An average trial lasts from two to five days. Superior Court jurors are selected from a compiled list of names from Cochise County voter registration and Motor Vehicle Division. 


Electronic filing is available for certain case types. Learn how to how to register for an account and to access training options. Filing fees that are not automatically assessed by eFileAZ, must be paid directly to the Clerk’s office, no later than 5:00 pm the next business day. These fees can be paid in person (no personal checks) or through Point and Pay, which will assess a small fee for each transaction. All Criminal documents not excluded by Admin Order 2020-125 “must be filed electronically unless an exception is granted, for good cause shown, by a judicial officer.” Please see Admin Order 2020-176 for more information on exceptions. 

Point-n-Pay-Money_0.JPG Point and Pay

As part of our commitment to provide citizens with efficient, convenient service, the Cochise County Clerk of the Superior Court has partnered with "Point & Pay" to offer payment of a variety of services online. PLEASE NOTE: Point & Pay charges a convenience fee for this service, which is presented for your review, before your payment is submitted. Please bring or mail your filing fees to the local courthouse location. We accept filing fees for Family Law cases ONLY.

AZPOINT-icon.JPGAZPOINT - Protective Orders

AZPOINT is the Arizona Protective Order Initiation and Notification Tool. It has been designed to help you fill out a petition for an Order of Protection. An Order of Protection is a court order that is issued to stop a person from committing domestic violence or from contacting other people protected by the order. The portal will also help you figure out whether you (the plaintiff) and the person from whom you are seeking protection (the defendant) have a qualifying relationship for an Order of Protection. You are encouraged to speak to a victim advocate before you file your petition. An advocate can help you make a safety plan and give you more information about how an Order of Protection works and how it will be served on the defendant.


eAccess provides convenient online access to case data and documents for the public, attorneys, government users, the media, and litigants. The eAccess web portal also offers the ability to view copies of court records and purchase electronically certified documents. To view court data or documents on eAccess, follow the instructions to register online at

Passports-icon_0.JPG Passports

Passport application forms are available at our Bisbee and Sierra Vista office locations. Prices are available on the Passport Fee Schedule. There are two separate fees. 1) Each passport application has a $35.00 execution/processing fee and must be paid to the Clerk of the Superior Court.   2) The separate passport fee must be either a check, money order or cashier's check made payable to the  U.S. Department of State. Passport applications are accepted Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m; no appointment is necessary. For online application forms and information on passport fees or requirements, please visit the U.S. Department of State website, NOTE:  Renewal of expired passports under 5 years old (15 years from issue), must be done by you, the applicant. You can get the DS-82 application(s) from the same locations as previously mentioned.

Marriage-Licenses_0.JPGMarriage Licenses

A marriage license costs $83.00, payable by cash, money order, VISA or MasterCard. Both parties must appear in person with a valid form of government issued identification (i.e., driver’s license, ID card, passport). The age of legal consent is 18. If either or both parties are 16 or 17 years old, the consent of at least one of their parents or guardians is required. There is no residency requirement, no blood test, or waiting period is required. A marriage license is valid for 12 months from date of issuance and can be used anywhere in the State of Arizona. You must make your own arrangements for the marriage ceremony.  After the ceremony, the signed marriage license must be returned to the Clerk’s Office within 30 days to be recorded. You can bring the license to one of our offices or mail it to Clerk of the Superior Court, PO Box CK, Bisbee, Arizona 85603.

FARE-icon.JPG Fines/Fees and Restitution Enforcement (FARE) Program

Use these instructions only if you have received a collections notice. The Fines/Fees and Restitution Enforcement (FARE) Program is a statewide initiative of the Arizona Judicial branch. Courts are given the ability to assign outstanding debt associated to civil traffic, criminal traffic and criminal violations. The program is a public/private partnership between the Administrative Office of the Courts, the Motor Vehicle Division, Arizona Department of Revenue and a private vendor. For all other fines/fees and restitution payments, use the "Point and Pay" option.


FARE Payment Options:

  • Online at
  • By phone – call 1-866-859-2527
  • In person at 100 Quality Hill, Bisbee, AZ 85603 or 100 Colonia de Salud, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
  • Mail in money order or cashiers check to 100 Quality Hill, PO Drawer CK, Bisbee, AZ 85603
  • Pay with cash at your local CVS, Family Dollar, 7-11, or other retail stores who use this service

For additional information visit Arizona Code of Judicial Administration (ACJA) § 5-205.


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