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Cochise County Fleet Services is a customer service oriented internal service fund that is responsible for the maintenance, fueling and replacement of the County's fleet.

Our Mission:

We will work together to provide a well-maintained, safe, dependable and cost-effective fleet for the County by being service-oriented and having pride in our work.

Our Goals:

We are very proactive in the preventive maintenance of vehicles/equipment and strive to be cost efficient and at the same time be effective in our mission. We also strive towards two goals: 

       1. Zero return work for any repair we could have prevented while it was in the shop.

       2. Zero "comeback" described as repairs not performed correctly the first time.

Fleet Services charges its customers based on a cost per mile for repairs, maintenance, fuel, radio work and replacement of each vehicle in the fleet.

  • The fleet consists of 862 motorized vehicles and equipment traveling 5.2 million miles annually and 60 trailers.
  • These vehicles are maintained by nine ASE Certified Automotive Technicians and a Radio Technician, who are supported by a Parts/Service Technician, Business Manager, Administrative Assistant, Shop Supervisors and Fleet Director.
  • We also provide pool vehicle fleets in Bisbee and Sierra Vista for departments to use for out of County travel or while their vehicles/equipment are in the shop.

 In addition, we have agreements to work on vehicles for the following agencies:

  • Naco Fire District
  • San Jose Fire District
  • Benson Police Department
  • Benson Fire District
  • US Forest Service

Fleet Services is also viewed as risk management tool to not only ensure the County has safe and dependable vehicles/equipment, but also assists in the reduction of the County's vehicle liability concerns. Fleet Services has instituted a Driver Awareness Program to be watchful of how County employees conduct business in County vehicles, which consists of:

  • "How Am I Driving?" decals on all vehicles with a 1-800 Number.
  • Random vehicle monitoring through GPS technology.
  • Accident Risk Review Board to review accidents and misuse of County vehicles.

Are you a Fleet Service Vendor? Visit our Procurement Department Page 


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