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Cochise County along with other governments in the Sierra Vista Sub-watershed of the San Pedro River have committed to meeting the needs of the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area and the people living and working here. Cochise County has committed to assist Fort Huachuca meet its water mitigation requirements.  Fort Huachuca is the major economic engine of Cochise County. Cochise County wishes to reduce or eliminate the threat to our local economy should operations on Fort Huachuca be reduced due to environmental concerns.

Cochise County is a member of the Upper San Pedro Partnership (USPP), a group of 23 federal, state, and local government agencies, political bodies, non-profits and other business organizations with a commitment to meeting the needs of people and the river. The U.S. Congress recognized the USPP in the 2004 Defense Authorization Bill and required annual reporting through December 2011 on progress toward meeting the sustainable yield of the aquifer so as to protect the San Pedro River. The Cochise County Toilet rebate Program is one step in meeting local water management commitments.

For more information email water@cochise.az.gov or call 520-432-9200.

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